Moving Away from FEAR with a Body Scan

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Moving Away from FEAR with a Body Scan

One of many brilliant therapists I’ve used taught me a great principal.  As I was recovering from a serious car accident that had caused a serious brain injury, I was worrying about all of the “what ifs” that could happen if my brain and body didn’t heal like I hoped.  My therapist explained that fear can keep us stuck in a place that we don’t want to be and 99.9 % of the time the fear isn’t real!

He shared with me what fear really is:  FEAR = F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal

So, when we are fearful and overwhelmed with a bunch of “what ifs”, let this body scan exercise help move from fear to peace.

Body scan –

  • Get cozy. Lie down or sit in a position that allows you to stretch your limbs easily.
  • Focus. Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breath.
  • Choose where to start. Begin at your head and focus on that spot as you continue breathing slowly and deeply.
  • Pay attention. Open your awareness to sensations of pain, tension, discomfort, or anything out of the ordinary.
  • Go slow. Spend anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute observing these sensations.
  • Acknowledge. If you begin to notice pain and discomfort, acknowledge and sit with any emotions these sensations bring up. Accept them without criticism.
  • Breathe. Continue breathing, imagining the pain and tension decreasing with each breath.
  • Release. Slowly release your mental awareness on that specific part of your body and redirect it to your next area of focus. Some people find it helpful to imagine r

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