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We provide a variety of keynote and seminar topics which evolve and expand upon using some, or all, of our 5 Pillar knowledge and assets to improve the mind and body of those we serve.  We strive to bring our best educational and evidenced based resources, creative presentation techniques and goal setting skills to provide the most impactful opportunities for growth, understanding and discovering the great calm.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

At the Great Calm, we are energized as we craft our presentations to include our healthy living expertise along with stories of challenges, growth, humor, and hope. We truly strive to educate, inspire and empower those who attend so that they can envision their best self and move towards that vision.



We provide a variety of seminars that focus on the many aspects of our 5 Pillars of Health. Whether the seminar is for the general public or special groups, we strive to make them engaging and relevant to the efforts of the participants to discover and improve their mental and physical health one simple change at a time.



Our retreats invite participants to take their evolution and personal growth to the next level. Through these retreats they begin to not only discover what a beautiful life they already have, but they also are challenged to look to next steps that will bring deeper fulfillment and joy in their lives.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is our favorite mindfulness practice because all ages and fitness levels can participate and benefit from the medically proven benefits of this gentle but health enhancing movement. Try out one of our many free videos and you’ll soon discover why Tai Chi is a daily part of our team's healthy living practices.

Corporate Collaboration

  • We become a partner in your  business success plans by reducing your health care costs

  • We assist forward thinking business to attract & retain quality employees through their wellness initiatives

  • We inspire & motivate your employees to make one simple healthy living change at a time

  • We facilitate & encourage employees to collaborate in their efforts to get healthier

  • We act as a resource in connecting businesses with other qualified wellness experts

Note: If you are in Utah, my seminars and classes are eligible for the Custom Fit Grant that will pay up to 50% of my fees.

  • 5 Pillars of Health – Each pillar has an impact on the health of our mind and body, as each pillar is discussed, several simple changes are outlined & employees are encouraged to consider at least one simple change tip to implement in their life.

  • Food…It Does a Body Good – Employees discover how good healthy can taste & look. Class includes tips on healthy meals & snacks that actually taste good. We focus on good, better & best food choices. We delve into the myths & facts of “healthy” eating.   Employees receive handouts on healthy eating food targets, recipes & follow up classes.

  • Move for the Health of It – We often think that working out at the gym every day for 2 hours is the only way we can get health benefits from movement, MYTH!  There are so many, less excessive ways to keep our body moving and healthy.  We have a few FACTS & tricks up our sleeves that we LOVE to share.

  • De-Stress Before You’re Distressed – We all can tell when we are stressed but there are MANY underling health issues that occur if our stress in not managed in a healthy way.  Learn a few tips & tricks for short & long-term solutions to keeping calm in your busy life.

  • The Pre-Sleep Workout – 30 Minutes To Save Your Life  – Our body desperately needs sleep each night to recover from the activities of the day. Some days it’s tough to sleep due to worries and concerns.  However, some people have difficulty sleeping every night. This class will help you find healthy sleep habits that will allow you to obtain the necessary sleep to be refreshed and healthy.

  • Relationship Calisthenics  – Talking Your Way To Better Health – Ever have a relationship with a friend, loved one or co-worker go South?  The pain is REAL. We will help you learn to incorporate a few intentional and focused steps to improve communications and relationships that will literally change your life.

  • Ala Carte (you outline the health topic and we’ll create the seminar)

  • We work with businesses to develop a custom health & wellness plan that inspires their employees to make healthy living lifestyle changes

  • We collaborate with employees to assess their best next steps & set a plan for success

  • We provide weekly Refueling & Relaxation classes where we focus on & set goals for one of the 5 Pillars of Health  then practice Tai Chi and relaxation techniques

CALM for the Holidays & Life

If you are THAT person who says every year, “I’m going to simplify and not get stressed out during the holidays” but then fall back to the “old ways”, then this seminar is for you. Thus, when your enthusiasm for creating the “ideal holiday” spills over into your peaceful life and the life of others, you will have proven tools to combat the beginning (or middle) of the overwhelm and return to a calm holiday season.  You will learn the science and peace that surrounds gratitude, acceptance and understanding your true role in creating family treasured memories for holidays and life events. Register today, your peace of mind and CALM is well worth the low cost of $25.