Mind-full-ness VS Mindfulness

For years I have been passionate about personally and professionally making one simple change at a time in five key areas of our life.  Nutrition, ...
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Side Stepping a Food Coma

We’ve all experienced postprandial somnolence, right?  What’s that you ask?  It is the proverbial “Food Coma” from eating large meals and meals high in carbs ...
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Food for healthy brain

Cognitive Reserve An Unexpected Benefit

In the late 1980s researches found that people who had an abundance of cognitive reserve were able to stay ahead of symptoms related to Alzheimer’s, ...
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Quality Sleep – Leave the Sheep in the Pasture

Here are some things you can do in the DAY to improve sleep quality at NIGHT: Spend more time outside and be more active during ...
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Boy telling a story of fear to his sister

Moving Away from FEAR with a Body Scan

One of many brilliant therapists I’ve used taught me a great principal.  As I was recovering from a serious car accident that had caused a ...
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CALM for the Holidays & Life

If you are THAT person who says every year, “I’m going to simplify and not get stressed out during the holidays” but then fall back to the “old ways”, then this seminar is for you. Thus, when your enthusiasm for creating the “ideal holiday” spills over into your peaceful life and the life of others, you will have proven tools to combat the beginning (or middle) of the overwhelm and return to a calm holiday season.  You will learn the science and peace that surrounds gratitude, acceptance and understanding your true role in creating family treasured memories for holidays and life events. Register today, your peace of mind and CALM is well worth the low cost of $25.