Beth Young

Boy telling a story of fear to his sister

Moving Away from FEAR with a Body Scan

One of many brilliant therapists I’ve used taught me a great principal.  As I was recovering from a serious car accident that had caused a serious brain injury, I was worrying about all of the “what ifs” that could happen if my brain and body didn’t heal like I hoped.  My therapist explained that fear…

Food for healthy brain

Cognitive Reserve An Unexpected Benefit

In the late 1980s researches found that people who had an abundance of cognitive reserve were able to stay ahead of symptoms related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s’ multiple sclerosis or a stroke. They found in some autopsies of what they expected to be “healthy brains” that there was damage consistent with a variety of brain diseases….

Side Stepping a Food Coma

We’ve all experienced postprandial somnolence, right?  What’s that you ask?  It is the proverbial “Food Coma” from eating large meals and meals high in carbs and fats. We literally have a physical response to what we’ve eaten.  In turn, when we consume food that is well balanced and filling but not over-filling, our body responds…

Mind-full-ness VS Mindfulness

For years I have been passionate about personally and professionally making one simple change at a time in five key areas of our life.  Nutrition, movement, relationships, quality sleep, and stress management.  The most impactful of those five pillars of health is stress management because it affects the other four key areas.  If we are…